About Us

A trade name:        
Ohya Architects Co.,Ltd. 


President & Chief Executive Officer,

Management architect:

Osamu Oya


The address:       
2-161, Izumihonmachi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa, Japan 

zip 921-8042        
The telephone number and the fax number:        
Telephone(japan) 076-241-5146 FAX 076-241-5149  


  Technical employee
 staff: 23 persons         

    Registered architect of the 1st class: 10 persons  

  Structural design 1st class architect: 2 persons

   Equipment design 1st class architect: 1 persons

   Registered architect of the 2nd class : 4 persons  

    and others             

Cooperation company :         
Ohya equipment engineering        
Limited company promotion. O        

The business item:        
Overall architectural design and supervision        
Equipment design and supervision work        
Design of a garden        
Planning for building and management profit planning        
City regional plan, all kinds' report and measurement        
An investigation appraisal and a check         
and others  



I am sorry about My English not being skilled.


I am deeply grateful for your support and prayer

at the TOHOKU earthquake in 2011.

Thank you very much.